My Trip to Kodaikanal, India

Hello my lovely readers,

I’m so excited to present this post, my second one in the travel category. I have recently travelled to Kodaikanal, a hill-station in India to explore and observe nature in it’s most beautiful and gentle state. Now, for the stats:

Location & Weather : Kodaikanal is situated on top of hill in a place call Kodai. Kodai is situated in a state called Tamil Nadu in India. Pleasant weather can be expected, with soft breezes. However in the night, it get’s quite cold!

How to get there: The nearest Airport is in a city called Madurai, which is about 750 miles away. You can take a train from the nearest city or a bus from states close by like, Chennai or Pondicherry.


Kodaikanal is abundant in flora and fauna. Wherever you go you are likely to see a bunch of wild flowerbeds, local fruit vendors, and of course, chocolate shops!

Chocolate is almost as famous as trekking in Kodaikanal. Homemade white, dark, and milk chocolate is definitely a must have! But really, the local fruit market is what surprised me in Kodaikanal: from dragonfruit to jackfruit, they have it all! Some fruits I couldn’t even recognize.


Trekking in Kodai was real fun. Some engaging trekking points include the pine forest, Silent Valley, Bear Shola Falls, the 500 year old tree, and much more! Parks like Bryant Park and Chettiar Park are a must-visit! Don’t forget to pick up a few seeds of the elegant variety of flowers found in Kodai!


However, I must admit, communication will be quite a problem if you are not aware of the native language of Kodai : Tamil. But due to the large incoming traffic of tourists over the years, most tour guides and citizens have a decent hold over the English language.

Overall, it was a fun and engaging trip and is strongly recommended for the trekking and travel enthusiast and, the florist!

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4 thoughts on “My Trip to Kodaikanal, India

    • Vinny says:

      Hi mmleonard,
      Thank you for reading my blog post! I had planned to visit Kodaikanal because of many recommendations made by fellow travelers. It is a truly beautiful place 🙂.


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