My trip to Spain : Madrid, Barcelona


Today I decided to write about my trip to Spain, I just landed in my hometown very recently, so everything is still fresh in my mind. Hope you enjoy my post 🙂


Madrid is probably one of the most beautiful places I have visited so far. It’s very vintage, pleasing and pretty. Even a walk along the secluded streets is scenic. There are also a lot of museums, marketplaces and palaces, and definitely makes a wonderful blog post! Here are some pictures :

(Clockwise) Painting at Prado Museum,View from Royal Palace Segrada Familia, A shot from the streets, Plaza Mayor and the Vertical Gardens
Photographed by Vinny (me)

The Prado Museum, Reina Sofia Museum and the Thyssen Museum held many artistic wonders. The whole city was very vintage and some government buildings were over a 100 years old, but at the same time everything was well preserved and pleasing. ANOTHER highlight of Madrid had to be the Madrid Zoo/Aquarium.


Barcelona is a very lively town, full of colors and people! There were a lot of amazing sculptures and statues but I’ll have to admit, my favorite place was the beach!

(Anti-Clockwise) Port Vell, Beach, Ice cream at the beach,Name in the sand, Irregular Apartments,Cookie Monster Donuts  
Photographed by Vinny (me)

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