My Trip to Kerala: Trivandrum, Kovalam

Hello my lovely readers 😘 , how are you all?

I travelled to Kerala for a tropical holiday getaway during the cusp of 2016 and 2017, and I left it satisfied. First off, Kerala was humid! – mind you, this was towards the end of December. I trusted Google with the temperature, which marked it at a safeΒ Β°CΒ  – completely ignoring the wind and humidity figures. So, I ended up travelling a little overpacked πŸ˜… . Note to self: Carefully check the weather at the destination and pack accordingly!

First impressions: Humid weather hits you in the face the second you get down, as for me, half of my suitcase (filled with sweaters and scarfs) was immediately deemed useless in the day. It takes a while to get to the coast, but when you do, the coconut groves and sound of the waves captured me. My holiday had just begun.

Kerala’s treasures;

The Beaches 🌊 :Β I visited two of the Kovalam Beaches at Kerala; Lighthouse Beach and Samudra Beach. The views at both beaches are extremely beautiful, and being at the edge of a sub-continent makes sunrise and sunset extremely pleasant πŸŒ… . Β Good places for surfing!

Backwaters 🚣 Β : There are many places within Kovallam to go boating on the Backwaters -Alaphuzza and Poovar, to name a few. During your ride, you Β can visit a beach, row through a bird sanctuary watching majestic eagles glide, enjoy the views of coconut mangroves and trees of poisonous mango πŸ‹ Β – a fruit that can be easily mistaken for its edible counterpart.

Religious Structures and Architecture πŸ› Β :Β Famous for Ancient Hindu Temples and the Wooden Palace, marvellous architecture is nothing new for Kerala.

To visit the main temple, one must tie a ‘dhoti’, a simple cotton cloth, around their waist to abide by the dress code. It was quite an experience πŸ˜„ Β !

Sadly, photography is banned in the former and in select areas in the latter. Here are some stills from the Wooden Palace’s public grounds:

The Seafood 🐟 :Β As a vegetarian, I haven’t personally tasted the ‘Kerala Special’, but it is definitely a buzzing seafood port. Be sure to stop for a meal in a restaurant overlooking the ocean!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post! Do you prefer summers or winters?

❀️  Vinny


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