Battle of the Blenders : Faux VS. Super

korra (2)Hello my lovely readers 😘  , how are you all?

So, as part of my Bath & Bodyworks Haul, I picked up beauty blenders – something I’ve wanted for a while but stuck on my wishlist. Anyhow, before I bought the ‘Super Blender’, I had ordered a faux-blender pack from online. So, I ended up spending my monday evening with two beauty blenders in my hand, wondering which one I should use first.

The main reason I bought the faux pack was mainly because the original beauty blender is not exactly the definition of cheap, and for a person who is not a fervent user of makeup – I simply didn’t understand it’s worth.

So, for those of you who are still contemplating whether to buy the original or faux duplicates, here’s a post just for you!

I’ve tried blending in my daily dose of the NARS concealer with two different blenders, read on to know the results 😊 .

The Faux Blender (by PAC)

Other that being literally 1/5 the actual blender’s size, the faux blender is just fine for blending in your makeup. It shows off a bright red colour, and works just fine. The only drawbacks of this blender are: its size and its density – it’s not porous enough.

korra (3)

The Super Blender

I personally love the shape of the super blender – it’s not the classic teardrop, but for me – it’s better! It’s porous, light, and soft and won’t be harsh on your skin. It blends your makeup into natural tones perfectly!

My Conclusion:

As for what you should buy – I personally think that quality-wise the super blender is better. It would automatically earn a spot in your daily make-up kit. But, if you’re not that much of a makeup enthusiast and only occasionally don a pallette – a mini blender would do just fine πŸ˜„ . Also, a mini blender is quite handy as you can stow it away in your purse for touch-ups; it’s quite useful if you’re travelling and on the go!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post! Have a great day/evening!

What’s your favourite makeup brand?


XOXO, Vinny


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