Street Shopping, Mini Decor Haul πŸŽ€

A stroll through Professor Trelawny’s paradise a street bazaar brings much delight with every twist and turn. A spontaneous decor haul, and nooks embellished with tinted lanterns make lovely pictures. Read on about my travels through a colorful marketplace 😊 Β .

Hello my lovely readers 😘 , how are you all?

Last week I had the pleasure to march into the street and shop for beautifully crafted items. My main intention was to shop for jewellery, myself being an admirer of colourful rings πŸ’ and earrings – however, I ended up taking much delight in room decor items, specifically glassware.

My Haul:

Ceramic and Tinted Glass Candle Holders:
These illuminated Candle Holders caught my eye. They are so simple yet so creative πŸ’πŸ». The designs are also very cute with hints of Mandala . Here is are some pictures of this lovely decor item lit up with an iPhone light and otherwise:

Coloured Glassware:
These pieces are exceptionally delicate. I was really skeptical on whether I should buy them or not considering my messy personality. But, I couldn’t ignore the fact that they were adorable; a family of four penguins now live in my room πŸ˜‡ .

Here are some pictures of my evening stroll through the artistic market;

I hope you enjoyed reading this post! Have a nice day/evening 😊 .

Do you prefer vintage or contemporary decor items?

❀️  Vinny


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