Get Your Website into Christmas Spirit in 3 Steps (2 Min Read)

It’s Christmas Eve and evidently the best time to get your blog into full-on Christmas Spirt! Here are 3 ways to get your blog looking it’s best for the holidays.

1. Activate the Holiday Snow

This is probably the most trending feature on every WordPress blog right now. To activate the Snow, navigate to General -> Setting -> Show falling Holiday Snow

Screen Shot 2016-12-24 at 9.01.43 AM.png

2. Give you logo a Christmas themed look

You can add a little Santa’s hat or a snow man lying next to you logo. It’s adds a very unique and adorable touch to your site.


3. Try Re-thinking you theme

WordPress has a holiday theme. One special Christmas themed theme is ’Spirit’. It’s a very easy to customize and responsive theme.


Try blogging about your Holiday time, vacay or shopping. By truly customizing you site to the maximum and getting into Christmas Spirit, you’re sure to get some views from the North Pole!

❤️  Vinny


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