How I Found my Style Through My Childhood, Diary #2

Hello my lovely readers, how are you all?

Happy Holidays!

First off, I would like to thank you all! I have received 30 followers on my blog and am ecstatic! Secondly, I hope you enjoy reading this post 😊  .


Ever since I was a kid I was fascinated by Tinker Bell. I related to her a lot – short-temper, short hair and the love for green (not to mention my imaginary stash of pixie dust!). As my love for this delightful fairy grew, my sense of style changed along with her. I began sporting a short ponytail wherever I went, along with shorts or a skirt paired with a green top. Now, this trend stuck all throughout my childhood, with the occasional hint of Barbie and Hannah Montana, and a tomboy attitude.

It was not until high school that I faced a dilemma with my style. All the other guys and girls in my school flaunted a specific style everyday  – in their eyes, unique. It was me who kept switching between a low ponytail or a bottom braid – both of which were done with hurried hands in the morning.

As I started to become more conscious of my looks, I became more desperate to find my style. On one hand there is my sister with her distinct fishtail, and perfectly winged eyes; and then there’s me.

It’s not that I felt uncomfortable with appearance, just that a strong desire to look my best all the time descended upon me. I experimented with a variety of cuts, curls and twists – none of them suited me. I can’t wing my eyes to save my life – makeup was definitely out of question.

One day, as I was going through an old diary of mine, an idea struck me. I smiled to myself, and rushed to the parlor that very week. I seated myself on one of those comfy-ish chairs with a decent footrest and asked for a trim – mind you, my hair was not very long in the first place.

The hairdresser then held out an inch of my hair – I shook my head, two inches (?) – nope (!), she pointed at a hair length just at my shoulders, I smiled.

I walked out of the parlor with my childhood haircut, short hair with a few messy layers. I felt much more confident – I had found my style!

Sometimes, when we want to find ourselves, all we have to do is pause and think and introspect. I didn’t want to lose the child inside of me, it took me long enough to realize that I never had. All you need for happiness is a bit of thought, hope and of course, a pinch of pixie dust!

❤️  Vinny

P.s: Stay tuned to my blog for more posts on Fashion, Beauty and Diary posts!


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