Bath & Bodyworks Season Haul

Hello my lovely readers! How are you all?

November? Already? Holiday season is slowly closing in without us – at least not me, noticing! Well, there is a hint of winter in the air and the temperatures are dropping.In honour of the holidays that are yet to come,  I treated myself to a B&B Haul😇 .

B&B Body Mists:

Body mists are a must buy for me when I hit B&B. I absolutely love their ‘French Lavender Honey’ and ‘Japanese Cherry Blossom’ mists. For this haul, I bought ‘ Japanese Cherry Blossom’ (duh!) and ‘A Thousand Wishes’.

B&B Skincare:

Under the skincare segment, I had bought the Japanese Cherry Blossom lotion (I’m obsessed 😍  ), and their ‘Super Blender’. I haven’t bought a beauty blender of this shape before – I had the original teardrop until now.


I picked up a few bobby pins during my spree and bought these absolutely adorable basic chokers from Forever 21 (right beside B&B).

I hope you enjoyed reading my post, happy November 😊 !

Love, ❤️ Vinny


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